Glass-Fibre Reinforced Concrete

From our manufacturing facility in Adelaide, Asurco designs, manufactures and installs Glass-Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) and other cladding products for projects across the country and also exports to South-East Asia.

We are equipped with CAD Drawing, 3D Drawing, 3D CAD and computer-aided manufacturing equipment and employ a range of skilled carpenters, metalworkers and mould makers.

A factory-made precast concrete, GRC uses glass fibres as reinforcement instead of the steel reinforcement used in conventional precast. It is known for its lightweight, strength, durability, fire safety, sustainability, fast erection times and excellent acoustic properties. It is an incredibly versatile product that can be moulded into any shape with any pattern or colour.

manufacturing facility for glass-fibre reinforced concrete
Asurco installation of glass-fibre reinforced concrete

GRC has been used in Australia for 40 years for a wide range of applications including building facades, arches, tunnels, pits, monuments, sound barriers, planters and furniture. We have provided GRC solutions for shopping centres, cultural buildings, education facilities, railway stations and government buildings.

Our GRC capabilities include;

  • Heritage restoration and reproduction works
  • Unique architectural façades
  • Complex roofing, cladding, ceiling and façade elements

GRC is a lightweight alternative to concrete that offers savings on structure design weight and can be used for three-dimensional and multi-coloured elements.